Ecclesiastes 5:18

"...Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Philippians 4:8

This is my place to come to help me to 'think on these' wonderful things in my life!

"Even so, I have noticed one thing, at least, that is good. It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has given them, and to accept their lot in life." Ecclesiastes 5:18

I am so thankful that I can enjoy the life God has given us with my husband and our children!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

BIG sugar cube house!

With icing this time instead of glue!

mortar is a bit sloppy :)

But the integrity is still excellent!
The girls LOVED doing this! We learned a lot about building
and doing things our best and thinking about how our house's
foundation was built. (Thanks to our Weaver Vol 1 Curricula!)
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Painted Ladies eating!

Landing on a piece of watermelon

Can you see the proboscis that uncurls when they eat and
comes out like a long thin straw? It's black and comes
from his mouth area -

Here he's still eating!

This is the best pic I could get, he sticks that
proboscis right down into the watermelon and
then out again!
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Painted Lady Butterfly pics!

Hello there!

That's not's called 'meconium' and it's leftover
die/coloring from when the butterfly was in the chrysalis
and forming it's wings. But eww. still... looks sorta yuck!

Boo! Can you see my proboscis?

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More schooling pics....

That pretty fall day we had!

Mommy loving the lunchables...not only do I not have to
cook, there are *no* dishes, and clean up goes in the TRASH.
Hmm...why don't we do this more often than once a quarter?!?

Weaver Volume 1 lesson.... paper on the rock,
and one on the sand. They loved this!
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Zoe's soccer

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Kayleigh's soccer pics

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They play with the soccer balls from the time we get out of
the van for practice until I tell them they have to get in
their carseats!

Christa doesn't have a 'team' but that doesn't stop her!
We play 'pre-soccer' with the younger crowd as the older
ones practice on their respective teams!

Zoe works hard during practice!

Kayleigh seems to really love it!
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Just a schoolin'....

Christa loves doing her school!

Our favorite place to do school so far this year has been
the kitchen table....

Or outside if it's nice!!

What a fantastic fall day this one was!
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Time with Lily

Making cookies

Lily does such a great job cutting them out!

Ready for bed! And they did a great
job going to bed! And waking up on time for school!
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III. Butterfly emergence

This was the first one to emerge

You can still see the Chrysalis 'shell' at the
bottom right

The 'underside' of the wings look like a moth - more dull
When the butterfly opens it's wings to fly you can see the pretty

The girls LOVE looking at them! And they don't
seem to fly away! *yet?*
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Chrysalis shaking

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First trip out on the boat....

New Painted Lady Butterfly trying out it's wings!